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RCRA Online Compliance Training

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates hazwaste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). We have created an Interactive Online Training course that is designed to guide hazwaste generators through federal hazardous waste management regulations.

Space is limited and due to the number of people like you who plan to receive this type of training, these programs will sell out quickly.

Lesson Plan

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Silent Spring
  • 3. Distinction
  • 4. EPA - The Beginning
  • 5. EPA - Early Years
  • 6. Cradle to Grave Liability
  • 7. The States
  • 8. The Environmental Liason
  • 9. RCRA Training Specifics
  • 10. RCRA Reporting
  • 11. Waste Management & Minimization
  • 12. Emergency Response
  • 13. The Weekly Inspection
  • 14. The Shipping Manifest
  • 15. Transportation and Disposal
  • 16. The Audit
  • 17. Civil and Criminal Liability
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Live Seminars

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Morning Training

This focuses on the Duties of the Emergency Coordinator and the Management of Hazardous Waste as outlined in the RCRA regulations.

Morning Topics Include:

  • EPA's New Rule on Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements
  • Emergency Coordinator Training and Responsibilities
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Characterisitics of Hazardous Waste
  • How to Properly Complete EPA Manifests
  • Methods of Disposal
  • Civil and Criminal Penalties
  • Cradle to Grave Liability
  • Waste Minimization
  • Handling Leaks, Spills and Empties

  • Personal Training

Seminar Begins: 9:00 AM

Certificates Awarded: 12:30P PM

Afternoon Training

This teaches the DOT Security Training obligations of firms shipping placarded materials (includes more than 95% of all HazWaste generators).

Afternoon Topics Include:

  • HazWaste General Awarness
  • Familiarization with Requirements
  • Safety
  • Security Awareness
  • Function-Specific
  • In-Depth-Security Training if a Written Security Plan is Required (it is for Most Generators of HazWaste)

Seminar Begins: 1:30 PM

Certificates Awarded: 4:30 PM

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In-House Training For Your Employees

Would you like Frank Jeanson to come to your workplace and train your employees? Hazardous Waste General Awareness Training is an ANNUAL REQUIREMENT for all employees who work in areas where hazardous waste is 
 Professional Presentations customizes In-House training to the specifics of your workplace, beginning with a morning “mock audit” designed to identify areas or practices which do not meet regulatory requirements. 
That afternoon, he trains your selected employees, at your workplace or at a nearby location of your selection.

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